My GitHub page is here!

Here are a few notable things I've worked on:

The EarthBound Instrument Packer

This is a tool that imports custom instruments into EarthBound, for use with the EarthBound Music Editor.


PK Piano

EBMusEd is a comprehensive editor for the music driver common to most Super NES games.

It is also a somewhat confusing legacy tool, written in C by someone who hasn't been an active member of the hacking community since around 2009.

This tool aims to make the process of making music in EBMusEd less confusing by giving auditory feedback for each note and acting as a clipboard.


The Joke-Explainer 7000™

This is a bot written in that helps the SilvaGunner quality control team stay organized.

(In case you haven't heard of it, SilvaGunner is part serious music collective and part internet meme dumping ground. It can get very cool and very silly.)

Each pinned message in the quality control channel has information about each music submission (title, author, and emoji reactions used for approval/suggestion/rejection).

The bot parses all of this and displays it at a glance using Markdown for formatting and links!

As the quality control process is somewhat private, I unfortunately can't link to the code or put a screenshot here.


(Art by smokythrill77)